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Human Mods


Transhumanism is a very dangerous subject in my opinion. Although it has great potential to be beneficial to the human race, I believe that greed, for a person’s own interests and life, causes immediate negative down turn to the idea. One thing people have always wanted is control because it helps stabilize the mind and life in general. However, this concept of control can get out of hand as people expand on this idea to control every aspect of their life including one of human’s greatest fears, death1.

Genetic Engineering and Government?


My relation to animals has always been an amicable one. I have two dogs as of right now and I love them to death but I will not resort to cloning them in an attempt to preserve them because dogs should go through the normal cycle of life, and cloning of a dog companion, in my opinion, is not accepting the fact of life but instead avoiding it possibly from emotional issues as they want the cloned dogs to behave exactly the same1.


George Lai - Two Cultures Blog (wk 1)


Hello, my name is George Lai. I am an undergraduate senior at UCLA with a major in Biology. I never had to choose between art and science as art was more of a hobby for me. I decided to take Biology because of the diverse selection of elective courses I could take to fulfill my major requirements. After I graduate this summer, I plan to take a year off of schooling to do some research along with some volunteer work and possibly teaching abroad before I go into medical school.

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