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Extra Credit: Lejla Kucukalic: Biotech to Biopunk: Science Fiction’s Visions of Genetics

Scientists are often portrayed in a stereotypic manner in a literature and media where they are usually described us people with thick eyeglasses and bunch of tubes who basically live their whole life in the laboratory.
This portrayal creates certain stereotypes that about scientist which today it is almost impossible to break.

Final: Amplified Natural Intelligence

In our modern society technological advances are not shocking anymore. It is expected for the various electronics to be further developed in order to achieve better device capabilities. However, while on the path creating Artificial Intelligence, we tend to neglect our own intellectual development.
Behavioral modifications, particularly education, do tend to improve the level of human intelligence. However, this process is slow and requires constant work.

Aging / Body Modifications

Aging is defined as “an accumulation of changes in a person over time.” These changes are naturally occurring and currently it is impossible to combat these changes. In our modern era of technological evolution, we are yet only capable of masking the effects of aging. I have attended the art exhibition on aging last week and do not quite agree with its main theme. If one is able to, I think that he or she should definitely slow the effects of aging or mask them. For example, the food that we consume affects our aging, so one can easily control this.

Poop Burgers

Even though I do not agree with agree with doctrines of veganism, I liked Noa’s presentation. The concept of her works is very interesting. It fascinating to actually be able to see and feel the things that are only seen under the microscope. Noa’s works are inspired by her life style. That is why it was a unique experience to observe the works of this artist. I liked the recreation of a dust particle the most. It is a great idea, which was accomplished with detail and precision.

Biotechnology and Animals

I do not like keeping animals (pets) myself. I do pet dogs and cats of my friends, but I never felt like having an animal myself. I think that if it wasn’t for animals, science would not be on the level on which it is today. Animals are used in laboratories for answering various important health and science related questions. I never understood those who fight against animal utilization in the research laboratories. If it wasn’t for these animals a significant amount of cures for various diseases would never be discovered.

GM Foods: Benefits and Faults

Like a typical modern American diet, my diet is primarily composed of genetically modified foods. Almost everything that a typical American consumes, having bought the products from regular stores, is genetically altered. However, compared to many people, I usually eat homemade food. I believe that this is beneficial, though the ingredients are still genetically altered. At least, while eating at home, one knows exactly what he or she consumes and in what quantities. Foods eaten outside are often rich in unhealthy fats and carbohydrates.

The Two Cultures

Hello, my name is Mariam. I am a fourth year Physiological Science and Russian Language and Literature dual major. I love literature and art but only as long as I enjoy it. I never ask questions regarding the reasons or motivations that lead to creation of certain piece of art or literary work since, unlike questions posed in science, there is never one definite true answer in literature. One rarely knows the actual state of mind and feeling of an author while he was creating his work. Posing assumptions regarding this seems pretty pointless to me.

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