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Blog 8 - Honors 177 - Hayk Barseghyan

Human brain has the ability to store and transmit memories using images. There is specialized area in the brain called Hippocampus that is involved in storage and generation of memories. The way memories are sored is still not quite understood. However, it is speculated that visual or any other stimuli that a person perceives is accompanied by production of proteins in the brain that are involved in generation of new neuronal connections in the brain.

Blog 6 - Honors 177 - Hayk Barseghyan

I thought that Kathy Brew’s exhibit “Going Gray” was just fascinating. I agree with her that in our society there is a fear of aging and specifically having gray hair. Many people just do not want to accept the fact that they will get older no matter what they do be plastic surgery cosmetic creams or hair coloring. I also think that we should educate the population that it is natural to get older and that people should not fear it.

Blog 4 - Honors 177 - Hayk Barseghyan

Noa’s exhibition was very interesting and memorable. It caught my attention because I never actually thought of things in that manner nor did I ever imagine looking at dust of pollen particles under microscope trying to figure out their three dimensional structure. What Noa did was absolutely fascinating to me and probably to most people that encountered her work. After seeing her presentation I can’t stop myself thinking about the smallest particles that make up different things. It’s like I want to know how everything looks under the microscope.

Blog 3 - Honors 177 - Hayk Barseghyan

Genetic Engineering has been used throughout human history to select phenotypes or genes that are most favorable. I think that there is nothing wrong with that. Just as humans in the past have been able to domesticate and grow some wild type plants and animals through long period of time, today humans are able to do such selections in a shorter period of time due to advances in technology. Some might think that it could bring some bad consequences, but that statement has not been proven.

Blog 2 - Honors 177 - Hayk Barseghyan

I have always wondered if it would be possible to produce enough food for the whole world without genetic modification. First of all, I think that there would not be these many people in the world without the ability of humanity to produce more food. So, maybe the development and progress of genetic modification of products stimulated population growth as a result of excess food.

Blog 1 - Honors 177 - Hayk Barseghyan

My name is Hayk Barseghyan and I am a fourth year Physiological Science Major. Since childhood I was terrible at anything that had to do with art. My drawings were the worst in the class, and literature did not interest me at all. So, I turned all my attention and effort into sciences and here I am today. I have lived for about two decades now and have no idea what art is and how to understand it. I realize that there is something more to this world than precise answers.

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