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Extra Credit: Biotech to Biopunk- JING (Sophie) Xia

Last Thursday, Lejla Kucukalic delivered this speech to highlight the great impacts Science Fiction and literature have on science. She presented a variety of different types of science fiction literature and movies and explained how they influenced and perhaps motivated scientists of their times. Kucukalic also suggested that science fiction books and movies often are a step ahead of the science at the time and predict what is about to come in the field of science. Through the lecture, she also summarized genetic types of scientists.

Jing (Sophie) Xia- Alan Turing and Fibonacci Numbers

Our group will study Alan Turing's Fibonacci Numbers and I will specifically focus on Natural Occurrence of Fibonacci Numbers in pine cones and plant leafs. Pine cones display the Fibonacci Spirals clearly. The best way to examine these patterns is to observe pine cones form the base where the stalk connects it to the tree. For instance, one set of spirals go in one uniform direction whereas another set of spirals go in the opposite direction (see images below). In one direction, we count 8 whirls whereas in the other direction, we count 13 whirls. Both 8 and 13 are

Sophie (Jing) Xia Week 6 Aging Extra Credit

I thought Kathy Brew’s art was very close to heart and quite understandable. She had one central theme, and that is to explore her own aging process and the public’s conception of aging. She wanted bring out a message that motivates people to accept, appreciate, and embrace the beauty of the aging process. One particular part of her exhibition that left an impression on me is the wall full of degrading adjectives for old people.

Blog Week 4- Sophie Jing Xia

Noa Kaplan’s works focused on texture and bringing awareness about diets and microscopic structures. My favorite piece of her art work is the “Pollen”, in which she magnified one single piece of pollen and dripped honey from an illuminated bottle above the pollen. It explored the relationship between the fruitful honey that bees make and the great amount of effort that it really takes to create such delicious honey.

Week 3 My Relationship with Animals-Jing Sophie Xia

I have an adorable kitty that resembles the physical appearance of Garfield. I love coming home to him because he always greets me with warmth and elegance. It always cheers me up when I see him even after a bad day. I am very fond of furry pets of all types because they provide unconditional support, companionship, and even entertainment. I believe that for the sake of companionship, owners should appreciate pets the way they are naturally and not have to have genetically engineered pets.

Jing (Sophie) Xia- Second Blog, Honors 177

As a college student, I live on a tight budget and usually buy low to middle priced items in the local grocery store, Ralphs. I eat out at fast foods or restaurants for about four meals per week. For the rest of the week when I’m not running on a busy schedule, I try to cook my own meals for lunch and dinner. I cook easy meals such as spaghetti, rice and broccoli, and some Chinese cuisine that include as tomato and eggs. When I go home on the weekends, my parents to buy and cook organic vegetable and meat.

Jing (Sophie) Xia- First Blog

My name is Jing (Sophie) Xia and I am a fourth year Psychobiology Major. I was always interested in art when I was little but in school, I always seemed to excel and focus more on science. Before these lectures, I saw the separation of science and art as two distinctive cultures mainly because of the influence of my educational system. For instance, as a UCLA South Campus Major (Math and Sciences), I rarely get the opportunity to interact with students from North Campus Majors (Humanities and Arts) or take classes with them.

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