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Artificial Intelligence: Kismet the Robot


Alan Turing is seen as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, which is why my group decided to focus on artificial intelligence.  I will specifically focus on Kismet, a robot made at MIT that has many human qualities such as speech detection, speech, emotion / facial expression, and vision. There are many aspects of artificial intelligence such as general intelligence, social intelligence, perception, learning, and planning.  Kismet in particular has social intelligence.

Genetically Modified Salmon


I decided to analyze the details of genetically modified salmon because every time I go back home, my parents really like to cook me salmon.  I wanted to find out exactly what people do to the salmon that we eat, because I know that genetic engineering is done.

Stereotypes on Campus


My name is Lu Chen, and I am a 4th year Psychobiology student.  I am graduating this year, and am applying to medical school this June.   I chose to take this class because I thought the topic was interesting (I never really thought about art and science together before) and because I wanted to take an art class at UCLA, especially since the last art class I took was in middle school. 

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