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Life Without The Bee

During the last lecture, we focused a lot on silk worms and all of their glory, but what was most interesting to me was the conversaiton about bees. Bees are one of, if not the most important animal to keeping humans alive. The fact is that of the 100 crop species that provide 90% of the world's food, over 70 are polllinated by bees. Studies suggest that much of human existence is presently dependent on honeybees. However, the human race is not likely to become extinct. Food production would decline, but not completely disappear.

Disconnect to Connect

When doing research in today’s age, we have been taught to be dependent on technology, which is why I found Ellie Harmon’s disconnect from technology while conducting research on dirt and soil inspiring. Harmon’s digital disconnect and spiritual journey up the coast, collecting dirt samples could be thought of a union between the sciences and religion. By being disconnected from technology, scientific data, and her colleagues she was able to embark on a more spiritual journey of research opposed to being in the lab.

Mindful Awareness

The concept of entanglement and mindful awareness is one of much interest to me. This was one of the first full-fledged experiences I have had with such concepts, such as the mind flex duel game. While it seemed a little far fetched to me, I was hesitant to believe there is a way to communicate to another, without direct communication such as talking or even non verbal behavior, but when one of the students was able to draw the exact car we all were thinking about and drawing was completely and utterly mind blowing to me.

Being Health Conscious

Everyday we are bombarded with food adverts tell people why their resturant is the best or how healthy the brand of food is. Especially here in California, everyone is on a health crazed frenzy eating only organic labeled food, and binging over pressed juicery, among other fads, and I am one of those individuals to an extent. I make sure what I eat is healthy and good for me for the most part, but sometimes I cheat and grab a burger from a fast food resturant. I also believe I eat the way I do today is due to my childhood and what my parents would allow me to eat.

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