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Unfolding Clusters Exhibit

Today, I attended the Unfolding Clusters exhibit produced by Federico Vis and Giovanni Dothel in collaboration with Duncan Williams and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research from Plymouth University. The exhibit was a model of the ALS pathophysiology shown through music and visual media. It was held in the UCLA Art Science Center on the 5th floor in the same room we have visited in previous classes.

Dirt and the Quality of Wine

As I was reading everyone’s blog posts for Week 6 on the Eliie Harmon of the Dirt exhibit, I became interested to do some of my own research on dirt. I have always been curious about the soils in which wine grapes are grown on to influence the flavor, color and aroma of wine. I learned that the soiled composition o vineyard is essential to the production of high quality wine. The soil is the base that supports the root of the vine and impacts the drainage levels and amount of mineral nutrient supplies the vine receives.


The Power of The Evil Eye

During Week 5, where we learned about quantumentanglement we briefly discussed the power of the evil eye. It was explained that the great philosopher, Aristotle said that we have water all around our eyes and we have a certain flow of energy going to regions where we can affect the objects, animals, and people around us. Additionally, it was said evil eye was discussed in Shakespeare’s Midnight Summer’s Dream where the girl had poison in her eyes, which gave her the power to make someone fall in love with her solely by looking at them. 

The Connection Between Humans and Animals

In last weeks lecture, guest speaker,  Lenore Malen touched more on bees and their fascinating way of communication. She shared that bees perform a “waddle dance” where they go out to forages and then come back and tell their hive mates where to go. I found it very interesting that by performing this dance they are able to communicate the direction of the sun to the hive and to the flowers. Additionally, by how quickly the bee dances they are able to communicate whether the forage is a good source or not!

The Beauty of Sericin

            As I was reading one of the article that Jason brought into class I was amazed with all of benefitial ways sericin can help society. The article is called, Silk Sericin and its applications: A review by M N Padamwar and A P Pawar. The explain how the silk sericin from silk worms consists of two different types of proteins: silk fibroin and sericin. Sericin is very high in 18 essential amino acids!

Healing Cancer

During week 2 visual artist, Mark Lorusso introduced how nanodiamonds can potentially aid in the treatment of cancer. He explained that nanodiamonds are produced from carefully controlled TNT explosions and formed from the result of heat, pressure, and acid. Nanotechnology offers an innovative method to detect the onset of cancer cells much earlier than other methods of cancer treatment. As shown in the in class video the scientist said, “nanodiamonds are resistant when exposed to chemo, it is as if they have some kind of protection or armor.

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