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Utopia, the Hierarchy of Humans and Animals

Last week's lecture by Lenore Melan evoked thoughts of utopian society and human and animal consciousness. Most human beings think themselves superior to other animals which is why we believe we can subject animals to experimentations and other degenerating studies. According to George Orwell’s Animal Farm he explains how human society can never be a utopia. Based on Animal Farm, the reason why a utopia is impossible is because humans are intelligent beings who are willing to exploit their intelligence and utilize inferior beings (i.e.

Subtle Art with Fluorescence

This past Thursday’s lecture was quite sweet and unique. Unique because this topic was more informative with how beekeeping was practiced versus the art done with the bees and sweet because we all got a taste of the bee’s honey—they were delicious.

Of Bacteria and Soil

It’s been a while since I last blogged about Hnrs 177, but, I guess it’s better to do it than never. About a week ago I saw the an exhibition on the Dirtmap project. This is a project funded by the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts. Soil collected along the Pacific Crest Trail was gathered by Ellie and sent to Christina, which works at UCLA, to analyze the bacterial species present in each sample.

Diamonds are more useful inside than outside

Last Thursday, Mick Lorusso, was kind enough to share some of his art work in nanodiamonds with us. The first thing we need to address is, “What is Cancer?”. The answer to this question can be as simple as, “Cancer is a type of disease that is a result of uncontrolled cell proliferation that eventually vexes the individual’s health”. However, the above definition is how I would generally define cancer. In actuality, they’re many cancer types and cancer diseases; to that end, many approaches to treating cancer.

Idiosyncrasy of Water

In Phillips Ball’s Why Water is Weird, he brings u many speculations of and theories of what water is. While Javiera Tejerina captures the expression of water through video recordings. Taking these two different aspects of water, I ponder on the beauty of this liquid. The reason why water is weird is well explained by Phillip; water’s polarity and its ability to donate and accept hydrogen bonds makes it unique. Consequently, its solid form is less dense then its liquid form.

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