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Health Conscious Diet: Personal Cravings and Habits

Our talk on dieting and foods these past couple weeks has me reflecting on my personal eating habits and what makes food desirable for me. My diet is pretty far from the average American diet. To start, my health conscious mother raised me to be vegetarian. While I have the ability to eat as good or bad as I please, I often choose a more healthy meal and I am very satisfied by it.

Placebo Effect: The Personal Miracle or Illusion?


Mick Lorusso’s presentation introduced many elements of non-medical treatments of cancer and other illnesses. From prayer to dance to drawing to diet, patients with the entire spectrum of illnesses have used mental power to conquer their ailments. While some people contribute their success towards their specific activity and expect to see success in others as well.

Water thoughts: Macro and Micro

Abstract Water


Water is known to be crucial for terrestrial life. Life follows, thrives off of, and dies without water. Due to our bodies being mostly made up of water, it is the general solvent for life’s metabolisms and anabolisms. Water gained this most important role through its abundance in aquatic life and due to chemical and physical properties.

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