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Week 8: Earthlings and Strange Bonds

Anthrozoologists have tried to explain how our species bonds with other species of the animal kingdom for years. Even with a lot of the research findings about us loving other species that can make anthropomorphic expressions back at us, we can't explain just how strong these bonds get and what behaviors are exchanged between two organisms.

Week 5: Disconnecting and Biophilia

This week's art gallery opening resonated with me for several reasons: because there was beautiful and simplistic representation of scientific data that appealed to the lay person, and more specifically because it reminded me of my upbringing and how in touch with nature I was as a growing child in Armenia. We visited the idea of disconnecting - separating yourself from external stimuli, especially from modern technology - and making connections with ourselves through reconnecting with the natural environment around us.

Week 4: The Global Consciousness Project

            When thinking about the interconnectedness of all matter - what better way to examine this phenomenon than to look at how human beings respond to world events? For instance, events that are so prominent in human history that they change how we view others and ourselves forever. One such case was the September 11 World Trade Center attacks; another was the death of Princess Diana.

Week 3: Regulation of Food

            Upon listening to Dr. Vesna’s lecture this past week my attention on the topic of food shifted from its use in prevention of chronic disease (last week’s blog) to the organizations that govern and highly influence what food and information about food we have access to.

Brief Introduction & Water

            My name is Alisa, I'm currently finishing up my third year of studies in the psychology department. I was particularly drawn to taking this course because of my interest in medicine, health, and art. I figured that this course would give me a unique approach to understanding the complexities of properly representing scientific information through various forms of illustration.

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