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Humans and the Superiority Complex

During last week’s meeting we discussed the connection between animals and humans. Many argue that one cannot draw comparisons because unlike animals, humans are emotional creatures with an intellectual capacity that is unmatched. Many philosophers, scientists and individuals who are keen to this idea use anatomy as their tangible evidence that humans are superior beings. They argue that because our cortex is much bigger than most other animals, we have the ability to carry out higher cognitive functions and perform the one task that no other animal could—reason.

The Beehive: A Democratic Monarchy

                In our last lecture, we learned about the complexity and mystery of the beehive. The social structure seems so alien and yet is so magnificent. The colony is maintained by workers, drones and a queen. There can be as many as 60,000 workers in a hive but as our lecturer stated, if there is no queen, then there is no hive.

The Essence of Dirt

When we think of dirt, we usally think of the negative connotations associated with it. It's unsanitary, it ruins our clothes and it can make us sick. Everything about dirt is dirty to say the least; however, one must realize how important dirt is to our culture and to our very existence. Dirt is a symbol of the cycle of life--- so much so that biblical scriptures have used it as a means of creating life and taking life away. The image below illustrates this point, as Adam is shown to be conjured up via the dirt by this white being (presumably G-d).

Food: The Cure and Curse

Food is an essential part of our lives, but food can also take on a life of its own. With the technology that we have nowadays, one can genetically modify food in a way such that they can alter its natural properties. The benefits of these manipulations can help keep food fresh and tasty, but they can also lead to unintended health problems if not investigated properly. Our agriculture has gotten to the point where we cannot tell the difference between food that has been genetically modified and food that is completely natural:

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