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Gen Space


Upon reaching the battered and weathered streetside door I was greeted by the host of Genspace. The name Genspace paints an image in my minds of eye of some clean and steril metal finished laboratory, where one would have to be dress in a white trench coat and sterilized upon entry. Genspace is non of those things. It's a rustic enviroment bathed in books and lab equipment. Other than the microscopes and centrafuges, the vibe here would make any bohemian knowledge seeker or NPR host feel at home.   

Columbia University Lab day


We explore a process, that is in use in the Columbia University Bio lab, that photographs nuerons and tracks their growth. The process uses a photosenstive dye and a high resolute CMOS chip. After being accented with the dye  or other light marker, the cells are then place atop a CMOS chip and photographed for later study. 

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