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Binaural Beat Mind Mapping & Meditation Experiment


I thought this would be an interesting experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of binaural beat meditation. By using EEG (neurofeedback) signals we could, theoretically, observe the brain waves pulsing at the frequency of the binaural beats. 

More Microscopy

This time I brough some reallllllllllly stinky water, riddled with fish odour. I was certain that I would find some kinda creates crawling around, unfortunately, I was again underwhelmed. 

One of the most unique and captivating samples was simply soapy water (brough by Norman) - check out the visuals!


@ Genspace, DNA barcoding.

I brought a number of samples to the lab for barcoding. Three of them were plant speciment taken from the Union Square market, and the other from the algae farm that was recently brought to our 12th floor lab.

one of my samples

Juan with the concetrated algae after some serious centrifugal force


Hello fellow nano+bio+tech+art colleagues.

I recently moved from Vancouver, Canada to participate in the Parsons DT master program. My background is in mechanical engineering; however, dabble in many fields outside of engineering, namely, physical computing/electronics, web, graphics, and game design. My passion is simply to conquer technical/design challenges, and in the process, create cool stuff. I am driven by a perpetual desire to broaden my technical know-how in areas of programming, mechanics, electronics, web, and sometimes sewing. 

Videos From The Lab



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