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Considering the Implications of Eating Horse (Blog Entry #3)

I checked out this YouTube video from the channel "seeker" which appears to be a re-uploaded video of an on the streets style interview by discovery news. The main point of the video is the interviewer going around asking if people have ever eaten, or would ever be okay eating horse meat. It's an interesting question, and most people respond with a responding no. There's a few people who say yes, but they are the outlier.

The Horse, Rat, Ox, and Tiger

Hello there! My name is Abbie Burrus, and I was born in 2002, the year of the horse. I’ve always found the Chinese zodiac to be fascinating, and the patterns you see among people born in certain years is a very interesting thing to note. Even if a lot of it is just acting on coincidences, the collections of people and personalities are fun to investigate nevertheless.

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