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Monkey Bread and Animal Crackers 

Above is al ink to a dessert called Monkey Bread.  My family and I have it Christmas day.  I always wondered why it was called Monkey Bread and never looked it up until now.  There seem to be differing theory, but one of my favorite is that a slang term for snack food in the 1950s was "monkey food" and that because this bread pulls apart into little bit size pieces it is like a snack. 


Horse, Sheep, Monkey

Although I am the year of the horse, for this blog I am going to focus on the Sheep.  In the article we read for this week's class, there was a segment about the relationship between animals and humans in special regards to a farming situation.  There was a quote that struck me which was, "The were subjected and worshiped, bred and sacrificed."  As someone who has no farm experience and only knows animals through the lense of observing them in nature or as pets and who only knows food through the lense of going to a grocery store or farmers mar

The Chinese Zodiac- Tiger, Ox and Rat (Camille Blog Post 1)

Hello!  My name is Camille Sytko and I am a first year at UCLA studying Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics.  I was born in June of 2002 and so my Chinese Zodiac animal is the Horse.  I am very new to the Chinese Zodiac system and actually did not know my animal was a Horse until I looked it up for this class so I am excited to learn more!  I used the Hox Zodiac link to look into the foods that correlate with the horse sign and I was amazed to see how much correlation there tur

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