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What is love?

What is love? It seems as if it’s all around us. The number one biggest selling holiday in America is a love holiday, where the sales just this past Valentine’s day reached over $19.7 billion dollars (White, 2016). The Western Society is infatuated with love from the music, movie, and entertainment content. We hear it every song we like, every radio show we listen to, and in every genre of movie, no matter if it’s James Bond or Mr. Beans.

Understanding the fourth matter

I really enjoyed last Thursday’s lecture! As we listened to Dr. Gekelman’s discussion I couldn’t help but to remember the feeling I had when I first attended our BioArt lecture. I came in with no prior knowledge of the two existing worlds (Biotech and Art) and I felt like I knew nothing to contribute. Learning about plasmas, I felt the same way but just like how our class intrigued me, so did his lecture! In my science classes we’ve always discussed plasma, but we never really delve into it. It was just kind of there.

Common Knowledge and Political Love

The article I chose to write about is called “Common Knowledge and Political Love”. This article brought in all the necessities of a good read, as it discussed witch-hunting, capitalism, and of course, the biological aspect of a female reproductive system. Once I read the word “witch-hunt” I knew I had to read into! The article discusses the many ways females have been exploited generations through generations of time.

Cocaine Addict and a Lover

We’ve all felt heartbreak before. The uneasiness, nausea, confusion, emptiness, agonizing disbelief and well, physical pain, that comes along with breaking up. Close your eyes; imagine taking your long nails and dragging them down a chalkboard. Do you here the screeching? Do you feel yourself cringing?  

Source: Google Images- Love lost

Interactive Virtual World

Last week we had this awesome opportunity to visit Toni Dove’s interactive virtual reality and it was definitely interesting. As Toni was explaining her version of the virtual reality I couldn’t wait until we got to actually experiment it out. To take the visual reality glasses off and make it into a full wide screen interactive design was unconceivable to me, so I had to see it for myself!

Zodiac Signs and HOX genes!

This past class was definitely very intriguing and not because we had really great food, but because learning about the HOX gene and our Chinese zodiac signs was something new to me. This class has a great way of putting everything into perspective, especially in the sense of mixing the worlds of BioTech and Art. I was fascinated to see how the Chinese zodiac signs could be related to a topic that I found to be very different in comparison. As we went through each animal, I couldn’t help but to want to learn more about the Dog, which is my animal.

Week 2 Diversity in BioArt

Mick’s lecture opened my eyes into how wide the actual spectrum of Biotech + Art really is. It is not defined by strict parameters, but rather it has mass opportunity to exploring a new world. We discussed acts of poetry and the examples of which we can combine items and create poetry with its resemblance to the BioTech and Art field. One example we gave was adding florescent lighting to bees and tracking their bee dance in which they all communicate together.

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