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IMG_2621.JPGCannot figure out how to format the picture but I presented in class and here was the meal!




I just checked and I completely forgot to post my two blogs even though I had the drafts done for a while now! I will be focusing on rabbits, dragons, and snakes first and then go into rooster, dog, and pig. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Monkey Experiment

In the last class, I shared a video of the Ted Talk of an experiment done with monkeys where they were paid unequally and how they reacted in response to it. I forgot to post it before but here is the link!


First Blog

Hi guys! My name is Mehreen Uranious and I’m a first-year student majoring in Biology. I was born in October of 2002 so my Chinese zodiac is the Horse. I have actually never looked into Chinese zodiacs before and I am excited to learn more! Zodiac signs have always been of interest to me and it’s always fun to look at and compare personalities to what the zodiac falls under. In the last class, we learned about the rat, ox, and tiger.

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