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WELCOME to Honors 177: Biotech & Art!

Hope you had a good break (so short!), and -- welcome to Honor 177: Biotechnology & Art class!

Please note: We will not meet this Thursday and instead, I would like you to login into the class website, view the assigned introductory lectures and readings and write your first blog. If your schedule permits, I encourage you to go and hear Art Sci center alumni Pinar Yoldas talk about her work that involved collaborations between art & biological sciences. Do include your response to her lecture in your blog if you plan to attend!

Beekeepers Reported Losing 42 Percent Of Honeybee Colonies Last Summer

First of all -- your blogs on the bee workshop are great -- I need a volunteer to pull them all into one document and save as a pdf so we can send it to Jason Fahrion. He will be so happy to see the impact he made! Also, just the other day, NPR had a whole feature on the alarming rate of bee colony collapse -- 42% -- in the last year! Hear and read: 


BioFiction in Vienna

On Wednesday I met with Markus Schmidt who directs the BioFiction program. I discussed bringing the film program to UCLA and it looks promising! In the meantime, check out their website and some online videos!


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