Week 1 Jan 27 - Intro Blog Post


My name is Tom Lawrie, I am a first year MFA DT student. In am interested in this course because I want to explore the intersection of art, science and technology and I feel they are all interrelated since an innovation in one field can have significant impacts on the others. Art, science and technology do not exist independently of each other; I feel it is important to study multiple disciplines as a design student because the further we scrutinize different categories and subjects, the greater chance there is for developing new ideas and concepts.

In researching what is Nanotechnology, I came across a simplified definition that I can relate to, “the ability to arrange and rearrange molecular structures in most of the ways consistent with physical law”. Nanotechnology allows us to manipulate materials at the molecular level effecting the ways in which we manufacture nearly everything reducing cost, increasing durability and longevity. At the biological level while utilizing nanotechnologies, we will have the ability to develop safe and beneficial crops, medical treatments, bio fuels and genetic alterations. I am interested to see the different directions this course can take us and how it will impact projects in other classes.