Week 3 Feb 10 - Lang Lab Part I


Visiting the Lang Lab was a unique experience that extends beyond other studies I am undertaking. Having experienced studying everyday foods at the microscopic level, I can now appreciate just how complex other organisms and materials become when studied at the microscopic level. Not only do things become more complex, but we can think about how they can be changed and what other functions can be discovered.

For the lab samples I brought in 4 different sugars: pure cane white sugar, pure cane brown sugar, organic raw sugar and Equal. I could tell little difference between the regular sugars and the organic sugars, but the Equal was completely different in comparison to all the sugars, it looked more crystallized under the microscope where the sugars looked more square. Here is an article detailing the crystal structure of sugar.  

I also brought in a piece of green leaf lettuce or lactuca sativa, which turned out to be more interesting than the sugars. At 10X you could see where the ‘veins’ of the leaf go and at 40X you could see individual green cells. The green leaf was by far more complex looking than the sugar samples and you could really appreciate how a living organism as simple as a green leaf can become complex when studied at high magnification.  
white sugar sample 10x

green leaf at 10x

green leaf at 40x