Luke 4-9-12 first post

Hello everybody, I'm Luke Eisenhardt.  I am a senior environmental science major.  I will be going to Baton Rouge this weekend to compete in the USAPL national championship for collegiate powerlifting.  Although I have been busy recently, I also have an interest in art, especially creating pieces with stencils or the use of perspective.  Most of the works that I create rely on the use of computers for editing or preparation purposes.  I am aware that science and technology are intertwined with my ability to create art. 

George Lai - Two Cultures Blog (wk 1)


Hello, my name is George Lai. I am an undergraduate senior at UCLA with a major in Biology. I never had to choose between art and science as art was more of a hobby for me. I decided to take Biology because of the diverse selection of elective courses I could take to fulfill my major requirements. After I graduate this summer, I plan to take a year off of schooling to do some research along with some volunteer work and possibly teaching abroad before I go into medical school.

[Madrigal] - A Culture Divided

My name is John Madrigal. I am a senior majoring in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (MIMG). It’s unclear what I’ll be doing after graduation, but I am optimistic that my future to become a doctor will not be impeded. Growing up I always had a knack for the culture of science. It began by having a good understanding of mathematics and later found its way to biology, chemistry, and physics. I did dabble in the art field by learning the trumpet, but later grew out of it as high school went along.

Two Cultures--Shiwei Huang

  Hello, my name is Shiwei Huang. I am a fourth year biochemistry major, and I entered UCLA as a transfer student. I am determined to become a doctor since high school, so I have been focused on science and put all my effort into it even since. I learned the violin for eight years and the flute for one year, so I can confidently say that I love art and enjoy it. However, I have never thought about the relationship between art and science, or if there was a relationship at all. By taking this class, I hope I can see how art and science can influence each other.

Jing (Sophie) Xia- First Blog

My name is Jing (Sophie) Xia and I am a fourth year Psychobiology Major. I was always interested in art when I was little but in school, I always seemed to excel and focus more on science. Before these lectures, I saw the separation of science and art as two distinctive cultures mainly because of the influence of my educational system. For instance, as a UCLA South Campus Major (Math and Sciences), I rarely get the opportunity to interact with students from North Campus Majors (Humanities and Arts) or take classes with them.

Blog 1 - Honors 177 - Hayk Barseghyan

My name is Hayk Barseghyan and I am a fourth year Physiological Science Major. Since childhood I was terrible at anything that had to do with art. My drawings were the worst in the class, and literature did not interest me at all. So, I turned all my attention and effort into sciences and here I am today. I have lived for about two decades now and have no idea what art is and how to understand it. I realize that there is something more to this world than precise answers.

Week 1 Blog - Honors 177 - John Buccheri


My name is John Buccheri and I am a senior at UCLA with a double major in Business Economics and Political Science and a minor in accounting. Upon entering UCLA in 2008, I was entirely unsure of what my future entailed and the direction in which I should guide myself. While I have discovered some passions in my life along the way such as music and swimming, it is entirely another feat to determine the direction of one’s future at a university.

The Two Cultures

Hello, my name is Mariam. I am a fourth year Physiological Science and Russian Language and Literature dual major. I love literature and art but only as long as I enjoy it. I never ask questions regarding the reasons or motivations that lead to creation of certain piece of art or literary work since, unlike questions posed in science, there is never one definite true answer in literature. One rarely knows the actual state of mind and feeling of an author while he was creating his work. Posing assumptions regarding this seems pretty pointless to me.

Spenser Davis Two Cultures Blog

            My name is Spenser Davis and I'm a 4th year biochemistry major. I've always regarded myself as creative. However, I developed a certain attraction to science and investigative thinking in 5th grade and somewhat departed from the creative side. I never really considered a career in art and thus didn't see a need to pursue it. I'm taking this class because I wish to explore how science can be applied in an unrelated field.

My Life in Relation to the Two Cultures

My name is Jen and I am a Psychology major. In particular, I think my background of Psychology really made the lectures by Professor Vesna quite intriguing. I was able to connect what she talked about to what I have learned through my college years. However, fortunately, Psychology is right in between South and North Campus with the inverted fountain. I have previously taken art courses to fulfill my general education along with hard sciences. Thus, I can say that I've been acquainted with both fields.


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