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Noa’s exhibition was very interesting and memorable. It caught my attention because I never actually thought of things in that manner nor did I ever imagine looking at dust of pollen particles under microscope trying to figure out their three dimensional structure. What Noa did was absolutely fascinating to me and probably to most people that encountered her work. After seeing her presentation I can’t stop myself thinking about the smallest particles that make up different things. It’s like I want to know how everything looks under the microscope.

Perspectives- Week 4 (re-edited for pictures)

Noa's exhibit was faciniting, mainly because of the fact that her artwork brought such a different perspetive to things in our daily lives. Her pieces like the huge dust bunny forced us to examine these objects on a really miniscule level, to be able to really get close and see the different textures of the subject. Other works like the enlarged pollen grain made us view the final product of honey differently, as it imposed the bee's task of fertilizing flowers and making honey onto our daily human lives. I think this said a lot about the importance of relativity and perspective.

Self, Meet Body

I was fascinated by Noa’s exhibition. I think she achieved her goal of making us more aware of the everyday things we take for granted. The oversized coffee, pollen, and sugar reminded me of the beauty inherent in the things we consume every day, and of the beauty of the natural world that we remove them from. I feel compelled to live a less wasteful life after seeing her work, especially the pollen grain.

Medical Technology + Art + Noa Kaplan

     I did some research to find examples of art intertwining with medical technology and discovered thrilling programs, the medical avatar and the medical mirror. The medical avatar is a 3D representation of the human body which can process the medical record of a patient and adjust its computer visualization to reflect that patient’s unique internal anatomy.

The Fear Virus

I had never been particularly fond of animals until I got my new dog Reginald a few summers ago.  My friendship with him made me realize that I seem to treat animals similarly to humans; if I am around them and we develop a friendship then I will care for them and spend time with them like any one else.  Other animals are strangers.  So I have no more or less emotional investment into their wellbeing than if they were a random person on the street.  I suppose that me being a human does make me biased and so I likely have a greater capacity to care and empathize

Week 3 My Relationship with Animals-Jing Sophie Xia

I have an adorable kitty that resembles the physical appearance of Garfield. I love coming home to him because he always greets me with warmth and elegance. It always cheers me up when I see him even after a bad day. I am very fond of furry pets of all types because they provide unconditional support, companionship, and even entertainment. I believe that for the sake of companionship, owners should appreciate pets the way they are naturally and not have to have genetically engineered pets.

Week 3 Blog

I have always loved domesticated animals, but wild animals usually freak me out.  I try to play it safe by just hanging out with cats and dogs, and the occasional hamster.  I think I'm leery of wild animals because I feel like their behavior can be unpredictable.  Also, I have a huge phobia of whales.  Here is a picture of my cat, Sassy:

Genetic Engineering and Government?


My relation to animals has always been an amicable one. I have two dogs as of right now and I love them to death but I will not resort to cloning them in an attempt to preserve them because dogs should go through the normal cycle of life, and cloning of a dog companion, in my opinion, is not accepting the fact of life but instead avoiding it possibly from emotional issues as they want the cloned dogs to behave exactly the same1.


My Relationship to Animals

First and foremost, I love animals. I grew up having had birds, chicken, turtles, hamsters, fish, etc. I currently have two dogs and plan on becoming a veterinarian. Even with my early childhood exposure to animals, I still didn't know I wanted to become a veterinarian until last year. Within this year, I have learned a lot and grew a lot. I grew from an animal lover to a knowledgeable animal activist. I learned about the problem we are having with dog and cat overpopulation. Millions are currently euthanized a year due to lack of homes.


As far as I know, many people in the world like to keep some particular animals in their homes as pets, such as dogs and cats. Some people even love their pets very much.

[Madrigal] - Cows Are a Man’s Best Friend (+Strange Culture)


I am apologetic to any vegetarians and vegans, but I enjoy eating meat, specifically steak. I do not get to eat steak that often, but when I do, I try and savor the experience as much as I can. In high school, I remember my English class read an excerpt from “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair, which described the process of how meat was packaged. After reading it, I was sick to my stomach the entire day, not being able to eat a thing the entire day, let alone meat. However, the next day I was perfectly fine, back to my meat eating ways.


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