Week 4: The Global Consciousness Project

            When thinking about the interconnectedness of all matter - what better way to examine this phenomenon than to look at how human beings respond to world events? For instance, events that are so prominent in human history that they change how we view others and ourselves forever. One such case was the September 11 World Trade Center attacks; another was the death of Princess Diana.

Mind Over Matter

Last week’s class revolved much around the subject of the mind and the power to connect with someone or something with physically touching that person or thing. One of the games we played to demonstrate this idea was the Mind Flex Duel game by Mattel. Like Scott said in a previous post, many students in our class doubted whether this game device was actually using brain power to play the game. While I was skeptical about how this device actually worked, it did remind me of certain real-life instances that are hard to believe and may be confusing to our expectations.

Fundamental Entanglement and Communication

The theory of fundamental entanglement uses quantum mechanics to make the assumption that everything in the universe is in some way connected with everything else at a an atomic or even subatomic level. From this, it follows that connections can be made between any two objects, even if those two objects are seemingly unrelated or very far away from each other. The assumptions that fundamental entanglement makes are so bizarre, that many skeptics disregard this theory without fully assessing its likelihood.


This week’s class on non-local effectiveness was extremely interesting! I have heard about research done in this field of study before, but have never experienced anything like this first hand. Something that really stood out to me was the mention of the term synchronicity. My parents have spoke to me about this term prior to this class, but I did not fully understand what it meant. Synchronicity is defined as “meaningful coincidences, when the boundary dissolves between inner and outer”.

Workshop and Midterm

This week I participated in our workshop as a subject. I was to sit in a room with thermoregulation monitors attached to my arm while being video taped. The rest of the class either looked or did not look at me. This was to demonstrate that even when I was not aware that I was being watched, being watched would have an effect on me. Sadly, we had some technical difficulties, so this was not something that we were able to fully carry out.

Whether You Like it Or Not, We Are All One

We are all connected. At the very beginning of space and time, the big bang sent all the matter and energy in our universe racing throughout the cosmos. As the universe began to cool, all that matter and energy from the big bang created stars. Those stars exploded sending out all the atoms and energy they once created inside their core. That same matter and energy is where the Earth and all the life on it came from. The same atoms that make this computer make you. The same atoms that make your neighbor make you.

Being Health Conscious

Everyday we are bombarded with food adverts tell people why their resturant is the best or how healthy the brand of food is. Especially here in California, everyone is on a health crazed frenzy eating only organic labeled food, and binging over pressed juicery, among other fads, and I am one of those individuals to an extent. I make sure what I eat is healthy and good for me for the most part, but sometimes I cheat and grab a burger from a fast food resturant. I also believe I eat the way I do today is due to my childhood and what my parents would allow me to eat.

Food: The Cure and Curse

Food is an essential part of our lives, but food can also take on a life of its own. With the technology that we have nowadays, one can genetically modify food in a way such that they can alter its natural properties. The benefits of these manipulations can help keep food fresh and tasty, but they can also lead to unintended health problems if not investigated properly. Our agriculture has gotten to the point where we cannot tell the difference between food that has been genetically modified and food that is completely natural:


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