Placebo Effect: The Personal Miracle or Illusion?


Mick Lorusso’s presentation introduced many elements of non-medical treatments of cancer and other illnesses. From prayer to dance to drawing to diet, patients with the entire spectrum of illnesses have used mental power to conquer their ailments. While some people contribute their success towards their specific activity and expect to see success in others as well.

Dealing with Cancer

Addressing cancer involves finding cures, engaging in preventative measures, and pursuing greater efforts to educate the public about the disease. That there exists such numerous and varied ways to beat cancer is testament to the existence of a strong collective human desire to overcome this physically and emotionally testing disease. In addition to such treatments as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, there are many proposed cures for cancer, some of which lie outside the bounds of conventional medicine.

Diamonds are more useful inside than outside

Last Thursday, Mick Lorusso, was kind enough to share some of his art work in nanodiamonds with us. The first thing we need to address is, “What is Cancer?”. The answer to this question can be as simple as, “Cancer is a type of disease that is a result of uncontrolled cell proliferation that eventually vexes the individual’s health”. However, the above definition is how I would generally define cancer. In actuality, they’re many cancer types and cancer diseases; to that end, many approaches to treating cancer.

Treating the Person, Not Just the Illness

This week we once again explored the fascinating intersection between science and art. We even took a step further, looking at the implication of art in the treatment for cancer. Like many, I tend to think of art as something tangible and concrete, or something that pertains to the senses, like a piece of production that is excites vision or a melody that is pleasing to the ear.

Water thoughts: Macro and Micro

Abstract Water


Water is known to be crucial for terrestrial life. Life follows, thrives off of, and dies without water. Due to our bodies being mostly made up of water, it is the general solvent for life’s metabolisms and anabolisms. Water gained this most important role through its abundance in aquatic life and due to chemical and physical properties.

Idiosyncrasy of Water

In Phillips Ball’s Why Water is Weird, he brings u many speculations of and theories of what water is. While Javiera Tejerina captures the expression of water through video recordings. Taking these two different aspects of water, I ponder on the beauty of this liquid. The reason why water is weird is well explained by Phillip; water’s polarity and its ability to donate and accept hydrogen bonds makes it unique. Consequently, its solid form is less dense then its liquid form.

Nanodiamonds and the Art of Cancer Treatment

This week’s topic on nanodiamonds (NDs) and their role in cancer treatment was incredibly fascinating. Mick Lorusso introduced the class to not only the scientific characteristics of nanodiamonds, but also to alternative treatments to cancer such as meditation and visualizing healthy cells, both of which focus on the main theme for the class—art in action of treatment. Nanodiamonds are currently being tested and administered for not only their medical capabilities, but for other practical uses as well.


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