Death is Inevitable

1. Introduction: Why is this topic important to you. Why did you pick this?

A) Before I was even born, death had proven to be a topic I could not avoid. Right before I was born, my grandpa passed away from Cancer. When I was 2, my oldest uncle from my dad’s side also passed away from Cancer. When I was 5, my father passed away due to Kidney failure. Following this very traumatic loss, my father’s two younger brothers, my last two uncles, also passed away from Kidney failure. One when I was nine years old, and the other when I was 18. In between those two deaths, I’d lost my grandma from my mother’s side when I was 16. In the same weekend my final uncle from my dad’s side passed away, my best friend’s mother (who had been a second mom to me for some time) had passed away due to pancreatic cancer.

B) No matter my age, death had a very dramatic effect on me. My father’s death is the first I can remember in clear detail. None of these deaths were quick. Each was a process of death, a long fight to live that ended with a loss.  

C) I want to explore the affect of death on relationships. What happens after death in a variety of different aspects: what happens to loved ones of the deceased and what happens to those who die.  

            E) Effects of death on your brain, body and health

            -People that freeze their bodies!!


2. Historical Relevance to the topic

            A) How do people mourn – cultures, religions, how long people mourn. 


3. Analyze current state of the topic

            A) Crazy rituals to present day societal pressures of mourning to n   normalize it. Society expects you to get back to work – no rituals in western society. –medications

            B) Scientist Part = Psychology of death how it affects kids, teenagers and adults.

            C) Artist = Mushroom suite


4. Personal Analysis – MAKE IT PERSONAL


5. Conclusion

This isn’t something tangible. Not addressing this issue enough.







Levinas death – French philosopher

Heidger – old death, how can you cope with death how to be in terms of it

Significant others death

Cixous –mourning in Ancient Greece where it was allowed to mourn in public and the relationship between mothers and losing children.