Ideas for Final Chapter on "Sex & Desire"

My topic for the chapter is "desire", and the overarching theme for the book is "sex". After some research into these two highly related topics, I decided to focus on writing about the cultural suppression of female sexuality and how there is a double standard for expression of sexuality between males and females.

In the introduction, I will begin by giving a background of the current state of suppression of female sexuality and how it has created problems in our society. I plan to bring up some of the theories of how the cultural suppression of female sexuality came about. For example, there are theories that says that it came from men, while other theories say that the suppression came from women themselves. I will also talk about how men and women in our society in America, as well as the world beyond, view sexuality and talk about sex with their peers, reflecting on the double standard for the expression of sexuality between males and females. 

In the body of the chapter, I plan to discuss about the current state of the problems that the suppression and double standard for sexuality have created. In a nutshell, this suppression of female sexuality led to social issues such as the fact that some people believe that the value of a woman decreases after she loses her virginity. This is a huge problem because in some parts of the world, women feel tied down to the man she first had sex with, preventing her from taking control of her life by leaving an unhappy or unhealthy relationship. In the case of the rape culture, women suffer from reduced self-esteem and many are unable to recover due to the way female sexuality is viewed in the society. 

On the other hand, even in a healthy relationship, women who have been told to suppress the expression of their sexual desire also tend to enjoy the sexual intimacy aspect of the relationship less. The curbing of sexual desire stops them from self-exploration, and from expressing what they like or don't like to their partners. This creates problems as sexual intimacy is an important part of a relationship, regardless of how healthy other aspects of the relationship are.

After discussing about the problems, I will talk about projection into the future, and I plan to talk about this from a scientific perspective. I think that cultural suppression of female sexuality and double standards for expression of sexual desire will always be there, no matter how hard we try to eliminate these thoughts from the society. Even in non-human world, females are seen as limited resources and males fight each other for their mates, but never the other way round. It costs a lot more energy for the females to produce an egg and to have sex than it is for males. This could be the basis of how some men think of having sex with women as sexual conquers and boast about it to their peers in the human world. This could also be the basis of why women suppress their sexuality in the human world. However, when this is complicated with values and morality in the human world, it becomes twisted - women are less valuable after losing their virginity, etc. In the non-human world, a non-virgin female is not any less sought after than a virgin female. We, humans, need to realize that the cultural suppression and double standard is inevitable, but is has been exaggerated, so much so that it has became unhealthy. 

In addition, research has shown that females in fact have strong sexual desires than males, but in a more complicated way. Studies have also shown that expression of sexual desires and self-exploration are healthy acts in a relationship, and keeps both partners happy. Hence, it is scientifically proven to be good for health and for the relationship. 

In all, we should acknowledge that there is always exist a double standard, but we need to keep in mind that it should not be exaggerated, and should not be the basis of questioning one's value. And that scientifically, expression of sexuality is proven to be healthy. 

This is only a very draft idea of what I plan to write for my chapter!