Rabbit Offering: Zodiac Lunch

For me, deciding which dish I wanted to prepare for our lunch was not very difficult once I looked at the recommended ingredients for a Rabbit. The story I will share with everyone is in the form of my family history surrounding my dish.

For my lunch I will prepare a family recipe. This is a very special and personal dish for me, as it is the first thing I learned how to cook at about eight years old. I got to use the gas stove and my older cousin still didn’t know the recipe, I felt so grown up! When I researched what the rabbit should eat, I was very excited to learn that the majority of the ingredients for my meal were also recommended for the Rabbit. It really felt like fate because this dish is truly my favorite thing to eat.

In my family, we call this dish a “Danish Pancake.” However, in reality it's a crepe which I actually didn’t know for a very long time! The reason for its name is that my Great Grandmother was Danish and this is her recipe. Crepes are not really a big dish in Denmark, but when she was a little girl, she lived in France where she learned this recipe. The batter consists of flour as well as eggs and milk (which are both ingredients recommended for the Rabbit.) Inside the crepe, we always use the same toppings which is lemon juice (Rabbit food!) and powdered sugar. While researching the history of crepes, it seems our recipe is not the way traditional French crepes are prepared, usually they use wheat flour and lemons are not often recommended for a topping. (“A Little Crepe History.”) To me, this makes the dish more personal to my family.

Another important factor for why I chose this meal, is that all of the Rabbit ingredients found in this dish are local to me (Figure 2). The lemons come from my lemon tree (Figure 3) and eggs are from my own hens (Figure 4). Also, the milk is from a local family operated dairy which we buy all our milk products from (my dad even taught the dairy farmer’s children). I’ve provided a link to their website below. I believe that whenever possible, it is best to try and support local business or even try and produce your own food, such as raising chickens, as there are many benefits.(“Benefits of Backyard Chickens.”) Also, knowing where the food comes from allows you to have a better connection to what you eat. It was important to me to present a dish that would represent that.

Times spent eating and preparing Danish Pancakes are when some of my best and most treasured memories with family and friends have formed and I’m so excited to be able to share them with everyone.

Figure 1

My dish, “Danish Pancakes”!!


Figure 2

These are the Rabbit ingredients that make up my dish, they also happen to be local to me.


Figure 3

My lemon tree!



Figure 4

The eggs that I gathered from the chicken coop.


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