Hox Zodiac Lunch

For my food offering, I kept it simple (much like the entire diet of the rabbit)! A small portion of strawberries, bananas, and granola is something that a rabbit would greatly enjoy! However, though strawberries and bananas is what I decided to bring to our zodiac lunch, this small gathering of fruit would actually be more than a rabbit would need for an entire two weeks!

    Upon further research into what a rabbit eats, I found that fruit is actually not a huge staple within the rabbit’s diet. Fruits, especially freeze dried fruits, can be found at the top of the rabbit food pyramid. As a result, similar to the food pyramid of humans, anything found at the top of the food pyramid should most be eaten as least as possible. Therefore, when feeding fruit to rabbits, it is important to keep in mind that fruit should only be served in small portions (one or two tablespoons of fruit per five pounds of body weight), and should be eased into a rabbit’s diet very slowly and not all at once. Overall, fruit is more of a treat or dessert for a rabbit. However, this is actually the exact reason that I decided to bring fruit to our zodiac lunch! It was a celebration of everyone’s sign and therefore, we all deserved our weekly treat of fruit! 

    My small lunch offering, however, also included a portion of granola. My intention in bringing granola was to imitate the rabbit’s heavy reliance on hay. Hay is a huge staple of the rabbit’s diet (about 80% actually!). It is said to provide the rabbit with the proper nutrients for “energy, growth, and healing ability” and therefore, should be treated very seriously. However, because humans cannot actually eat hay (or perhaps should not eat hay), I felt that granola could be a substitution for something very light like hay. As a rabbit though, I also think it is important to mention that actual granola is not good for a rabbit’s diet! Human food like granola is high in sugar and could be bad for the rabbit’s teeth and digestive system.

    My food offering during our zodiac lunch was accompanied by a presentation in which I mentioned a class folk tale I would like to now mention again: The Tortoise and The Hare. While reflecting on my relation to the rabbit, I realized that my earliest memory of the rabbit was this childrens’ story that bears a lot more impact on my life than I had originally thought.

    I recall that one day, while I was in kindergarten, a group of performers came to our classroom and performed classic fables for us, one of which was The Tortoise and The Hare. For some unknown reason, I can remember this performance in my head very vividly. I can recall exactly what the actors looked like, what they were wearing, what the room looked like, and how the performance went. Moreover, I can recall becoming very interested in acting upon seeing this performance, which is another way in which rabbit’s have indirectly had an impact on my life, as I had gotten very into theatre during high school, and am currently pursuing a film minor during my undergraduate career.

    Perhaps the largest impact of this experience, though, was the message I always carry with me. “Slow and steady wins the race” is something that I always keep in mind, that has helped me get through many tough times in my life (including the many difficulties we are currently experiencing). 









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