Connections Between Myself, a Dog, and the Rat, Ox, and Tiger

  • When I was reading the zodiacs of the rat, ox, tiger, and dog, I found that they were actually spot on in many ways when compared to people of those animals in my life. I actually connected a lot with being the dog sign, which did catch me by surprise because I have never looked too deeply into this kind of subject. Many of the characteristics in the zodiac description like being a good listener, being someone to count on, etc resonated with me. I also found it super interesting that the foods associated with the dog are mainly animal-based. I completely respect people who are vegan. I have given this lifestyle a good shot many times but I always have come back to the conclusion that my body feels good when meat or eggs are apart of my diet. It was also funny to see that there was a mention of "sauce" in my foods list, twice. I am a huge sauce person and will incorporate it into any meal I can.
  • Reading about the ox was telling because my partner is an Ox and out of an ox, a rat, or a tiger, I relate most to an ox. On the website, his zodiac description quickly reeled me in when it said "they can stick at a task longer and go at it harder than anybody." That is him. I also found it interesting that "sweet" was his taste because he is always trying to pull back on the sweets since he loves them so much. One of the coolest things I found with the Ox though is that one of the herbs is the "angelica root." Firstly, my name is Angelica. But more importantly, the angelica root has been kind of like a symbol in our relationship. My partner and I went on a camping trip shortly after we met and one day he brought me some angelica root from his hike. It is a healing plant and since he felt I was a healing person for him, he brought this plant to me as an act of love. So honestly, that was a sweet connection to make while researching the ox.  
  • When reading about the rat, I found it interesting that a myth is "they can be driven away by reciting poetry to them." I usually see poetry as a significant romance language so to also see that the rat is not romantic was surprising. I also think it is peculiar that the rat is "born under the sign of charm and aggressiveness." Those are two completely different traits. Overall, it seems the rat has two polar sides or identities, the soft and the hard, which seems there is a lot of complexity with this zodiac.
  • The zodiac description of the tiger sounds exactly how I would have imagined it. I found it interesting that tigers are "always tense." I guess that would be a symptom of the contrasting qualities they have: "tempestuous yet calm, warm-hearted yet fearsome," etc. It makes sense too that Marilyn Monroe was a tiger. She was a "magnetic character" and it seemed her life was full of intensity and passion. Lastly, I liked how a myth about tigers said "a sinner who prays for reincarnation may leave his grave in the form of a tiger." How beautiful and symbolic.  





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