Final Blog Post: Zodiac Lunch

For the final project, my classmates and I decided to make a lunch which signifies our zodiac which we then offered to the rest of the class. Since I was born in 2000, I am considered a Dragon. As such, I decided to offer the foods that a dragon would eat. The food of choice that I decided to present was the mushroom.


I decided to offer the mushroom for many reasons. Primarily, I chose to present the mushroom because it is considered the lucky food for dragons to eat. Since I am a dragon, I thought that the best food for me to offer would be one that is beneficial for me to eat. I am also deeply fascinated by Thai food and Thai culture, so I decided to offer a Panang curry with chicken and mushrooms as well as a Tom Yum Soup with chopped mushrooms. 

In addition, I chose to offer these Thai dishes because they are extremely nutritious and good for gut health. I find it interesting that I chose these dishes because I tend to eat foods that are good for gut health and digestion, and this seems to be a sentiment that is also shared by most dragons, since the symbolic organ of the dragon is the stomach. 

As you can see from my pictures below, I incorporated many vegetables into the dish to make it healthy and nutritious.



You can also see that there are many ingredients that were needed to make the dish. As a dragon, my personality draws me to dishes that require considerable effort and skill to make. This is because dragons are considered to be ambitious. To reflect this trait, I decided to cook two dishes with complex ingredients and recipes. Overall, I enjoy food made at home because I can put in additional effort to make it taste to my liking. For my dish, I decided to add a variety of vegetables because I enjoy variety and colors in my food. 

Going beyond the elements of my lunch, I also like to engage in all things Do - It - Yourself. Aside from cooking from scratch, I also like to make furniture and other woodworks. Engaging in projects like building desks and chairs helps keep me creative and productive during quarantine. I also enjoy analytical crafts, like pursuing undergraduate research and conducting complex protocals and experiments. Anytime I can work with my hands by cooking, building, and experimenting, I am guaranteed to have an exciting experience.










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