First Blog - Introduction and Rat, Ox, Tiger Thoughts & Research

To all my fellow Hox Zodiac peers:

First off--introductions. My name is Davood Betcheri. I am a transfer student majoring in Physiological Science and happened upon this course in pursuit of something interesting and worthwhile to help fulfill my fulltime requirement (don't judge me, but if you do, its okay I forgive you). I honestly thought this class was going to be a strictly science based approach to food and nutrition. But boy was I surprised! Hox Zodiac whatchamacallit! It was a pleasant surprise by th way. I don't particularly adhere to the beliefs of the Chinese Zodiac signs but they are interesting nonetheless. Anyways I better start talking about stuff more specific to this blog assignment before I ramble too much. Here are some things I found about the Rat, Ox, and Tiger:

Rat--So yours truly is a Rat and apparently Rats are really smart cookies. Rats are first of all Zodiac animals. They are known to be clever, quick thinkers and very successful but content with living a quiet and peaceful life. So far sounds like me! 

Ox--These guys are supposed to be really hard workers and honest. This is due to their image in agriculture. They take leadership roles usually and tend to avoid the path of persuasion and rather have everyone do what's asked for them. Very cool tempered and logical. 

Tiger-- If you're a tiger you're supposedly very active and courageous and looking for new challenges. Interestingly tigers are also seen as guardians of children so sometimes you will see kids with tiger designed clothing and shoes so as to protect them from evil spirits!

Anyways that's it for this blog, thank you for takin the time to read my jibber jabber guys. Until next time!


Hox Zodiac: