First Blog - Introduction, Ox, Rat, and Tiger.

Hello everyone! 

My name is Armita and I am a third year physiological science major. I am taking this class because it is related to my major and I found the course title to be very interesting. I wasn’t sure exactly what the course included, but I am enjoying the class so far. I am not very familiar with hox zodiac signs, but now I know I am a snake since I was born in June 2001. From my research on snake zodiac sign, I believe that I really fit the personality type and the traits mentioned. The two traits that most relate to me are that snakes work really hard and they tend to be job-hoppers.

I looked into ox zodiac signs and I found that they are very dependable, strong, and determined. I think it is also very interesting that both female and male oxes attach great importance to their families. They are also very persistent to achieve their goals and I think that is a great personality trait. 

However, rats have the most interesting story behind achieving the first place among the other zodiac signs in the 12-year cycle. A chinese legend has it that the Chinese supreme deity Jade Emperor decided to rank zodiac signs according to their time of arrival to his birthday party. Ox who are very hardworking arrived at the party very early, but the rat that was hidden in the Ox’s ear jumped in front of him and therefore became the first zodiac sign in the 12-year cycle. This story also support their personality which is being very strong and strong-willed. 

Lastly, we have a tiger which shouldn’t really be the last considering its size, muscular body, and powerful limbs. Tigers are brave, competitive, confident, and well-liked. They are known to be authoritative. Interestingly, they are best suited for careers as leaders such as office manager, and travel agent. 

I really learned a lot by writing this blog. This assignment was really interesting and thank you for reading!