Rabbit, Dragon, Snake (Blog Post #2) Week 6

The Rabbit, Dragon, and Snake are the next three Chinese Zodiac animals we will be further examining.. 

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Just like rats, rabbits too are used for safety testing of drugs and chemicals. Rabbits however are seen to be used more predominately in regards to chemicals and are often practiced on in studies pertaining to eye and skin irritation studies, particularly for cosmetics, household products and personal care (shampoo/conditioner etc.) Rabbits are also used in studies that asses the chance that a particular product will negatively affect a pregnant woman or her fetus. They are used for this reason because of how fast rabbits reproduce. 

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I thought the myth of the dragon was really interesting. It was said that the dragon was thought to have hatched from an egg after a period of over 3000 years. The dragon was also thought to have split its time between the sea and the heavens in that the cooler months it would spend its time living in the ocean while in the spring time and warmer months of the year it would spend its time in the sky. It was also believed that the dragon started off as a snake before it became a dragon.

I was quite surprised while reading about the dragon because apparently the dragon is often believed to be composed of various animal parts. It’s head was supposed to be that of a camel, it’s ears were that of a cow, it’s horns a stag, and it’s paws a tiger etc. In addition the dragon is also suppose to be composed of the eyes of a hare (rabbit) and neck of a snake. Here we see all three of these animals in direct correlation to one another.

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The snake was a very fascinating animal to research. I found out that snake venom is used in science for a few different things including for the makeup of neurotoxins. Snake venom has often been used to explore the nervous system. While snakes have been seen in various stories and mythology throughout the world I instantly think of snakes as sneaky and deceitful creatures. Snakes are often seen as dangerous in television and movies and in the case of the Bible snakes/servants are seen to be the reason for the fall of the man. 

While I am majoring in American Literature and Culture, I am also quite interested in science and so for me one of my favorite parts of these assignments has been researching the science related to these various animals. I hadn't realized before just how many animals are used in substance testing (rats, rabbits, birds, fish etc). Which honestly makes me pretty sad!




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