Rabbit, Snake, Dragon (Blog Post #2)

In the last meeting, we discussed the relationship between the rabbit and the moon. The moon does have a weird imprint on it that does look like a rabbit, but we also talked about the Jade Rabbit. The story goes that the jade emperor, an important figure in Chinese mythology, turned himself into a starving old man and begged for food from different animals. Each animal offered something from their diets, fruit from the monkey, fish from the otter, and lizards from the jackal, however, the rabbit could only offer grass which the old man could not eat. The rabbit sacrificed itself as food, but the old man revealed his true identity and granted the rabbit immortality on the moon for its selfless deed. 


The rabbit is also used commonly in laboratories. Since they do not have tear ducts, rabbits are used for eye irritancy tests for household and cosmetic products. 


I think most cultures see the snake as a sly, dangerous creature that is up to no good. An example would be the snake in the garden of Eden who convinced Eve to eat the apple. Also, snakes are portrayed as malicious in media such as Kaa from The Jungle Book or Nagini from Harry Potter. In Ancient China, snakes were thought of as a symbol of luck, harvest, and reproduction. The more venomous it is the more luck it brings. Relating it to my zodiac, a connection between the snake and horse can be found in the race across the river between the 12 zodiacs in Chinese mythology. The snake, not being a good swimmer, hitched a ride on the horse's hoof and used it to finish right before the horse. 


Looking at the personality of the Dragon, my sister definitely matches the description, having a stubborn attitude and speaking before thinking. The closest thing to a Dragon we talked about in class was lizards and how they have interesting biological characteristics such as the temperature determining the sex of the eggs. Other cool facts about the lizard is that they can regrow their tails in the event it’s captured by a predator and they can also pretty much be found on every continent. In Chinese culture, they are powerful beings who have control over rainfall and typhoons.


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