Rabbit, Dragon, and Snake

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to talk about characteristics of people born in the year of the rabbit, dragon, and snake. 

  • Strengths: Optimistic, gracious, generous, kind-hearted, witty and alert

  • Weaknesses: A little vain, emotionally unstable, easily satisfied with the status-quo

  • Rabbit Men: Rabbit men are prone to be gentlemen but they are also good at pretending. They may pretend that they don’t care about something, however, they do care deep inside. Active thinking enables them excellent negotiation skills at work. What’s more, Rabbit men are family-oriented and glad to undertake the household chores.   

  • Rabbit Women: Rabbit women are highly sensible and approachable. They always leave people with an impression of elegance and graciousness, and don’t like any indecent behaviors. They are also talented in business, considerate at work, and can easily find out the crux.

  • General Information about rabbit: With just a few minutes of training a day, rabbits can learn to jump through hoops, retrieve items and run through mazes. Many rabbit owners don't realize they can use the same techniques that are used to train dogs to train their smart bunnies as well

  • Research information: Rabbits and Rodents are the animals most commonly used as models in biomedical research because of their many advantages, including short lifespan, high reproductive rate, cost-effectiveness, ease of genetic manipulation, and the availability of numerous inbred strains with well-defined genetic backgrounds and of a wide variety of reagents for experiments. However, mice and rats are not susceptible to infection by several human pathogens, including HIV1. In addition, the causative mutations resulting in human disease sometimes do not cause corresponding pathologic changes in mice,4 and mice are not always suitable for studies due to their small size and phylogenetic features. Alternatively, the domestic rabbit, especially New Zealand white rabbits, has attracted more attention in recent years in biomedical and pharmaceutical research, especially in cardiovascular diseases, because of its intermediate size and phylogenetic proximity to primates. Furthermore, rabbits have served as the primary experimental model for some human infectious diseases because of their susceptibility to infection and the similarity of pathogenesis to that in humans. With the rapid development of rabbit genomics, transgenic and knockout lines, and rabbit-specific reagents, the value of rabbits as experimental models in biomedical research likely will increase, especially in their ability to bridge the gap between rodents and the large animal models.





People with Chinese zodiac Dragon are born with superb leadership. Because of their knowledge, power and capability, people are willing to take orders from them. They are also ambitious, and have a strong drive to realize their dreams. They are adventurous. Once goals are settled, they will try their best to fight for success. Their eloquence and passion make their speech authoritative. They seem to have endless energy, and seldom feel exhausted. They have another gift - their innate luck, which will help them achieve their goals. They are people of charm and glamour, so they can always win another's heart easily.




In Chinese culture, the Snake is the most enigmatic animal among the 12 zodiac animals. People born in a year of the Snake are supposed to be the most intuitive. Snakes tend to act according to their own judgments while remaining private and reticent. They are determined to accomplish their goals and hate to fail. Snakes represent the symbol of wisdom. They are intelligent and wise. They are good at communication but say little. Snakes are usually regarded as great thinkers. Snakes are materialistic and love keeping up with the Joneses. They love to possess the best of everything but they have no patience for shopping.Snake people prefer to work alone; therefore, they are easily stressed. If they seem unusually stressed, it is best to allow them their own space and time to return to normal. 

Research information:

There is a continuous development of new drugs from snake venom for coagulopathy and hemostasis to anti-cancer agents.


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