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Interesting Facts about Horses and Sheep:


There are more than 400 different breeds of horses. Horses can weigh as much as 2,200 pounds. I also read that horses apparently have the largest eyes of all animals that live on land. It can take up to around a year to regrow their hooves.


Sheep wool can grow forever. While some breeds such as wild sheep or “hair sheep” shed naturally, other breeds do not. In 2004 a sheep named Shrek hid in a cave for around 6 years so that he wouldn’t have to get shaved. When he was finally captured and shaved down it was said that the there was enough wool to make at least 20 full length suits. Sheep also can’t get up if they fall onto their backs. Another interesting fact about sheep is that Woodrow Wilson kept a flock of sheep at the White House during the first World War in order to "keep the grass trimmed as a cost-cutting measure and to show support for the war effort" (Amelinckx).,American%20Museum%20of%20Natural%20History.





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