Considering the Implications of Eating Horse (Blog Entry #3)

I checked out this YouTube video from the channel "seeker" which appears to be a re-uploaded video of an on the streets style interview by discovery news. The main point of the video is the interviewer going around asking if people have ever eaten, or would ever be okay eating horse meat. It's an interesting question, and most people respond with a responding no. There's a few people who say yes, but they are the outlier.

This fascinates me, as I can personally see very little difference between eating horse and something like cow. They are both smart enough creatures, and lives on farms. Now for someone who has a deeper connection to horses, someone who might ride them per say, I can see how they would have a harder time eating them. I myself couldn't see myself eating my dog. 

But that then begs the question, would I eat a dog? Upon looking at my own morals, I'm surprised to find the answer is probably. If it was prepared by a good chef who knew how to cook it I wouldn't see any difference than that and eating a chicken. 

I understand that not everyone feels this way however. It leads me to wonder why people are okay with eating so many different types of animals- pigs, cows, chicken, turkey- but not horses This phenomenon is largely centered in America, as there are many places in Europe and across the globe where horse meat is considered a delicacy. There's even a restraint famous in France for its horse meat burgers.

I think it all must be tied back to culture and society. In some Hindu societies, they don't eat cow meat because to them cows are sacred spiritual animals. Many people also wouldn't consider eating a cat or a dog because they are loving, caring pets and not something to be slaughtered for their meat. Horses have a similar image as cats and dogs in America. They have been very important to our society, considering things like the pony express and the Wild West. Horses are seen as smart and helpful creatures.

Because of this, I think I must draw the conclusion that what is "normal" to eat is based almost entirely on one's upbringing. This is why some vegans so vehemently believe eating meat is morally corrupt. It's the amalgamation of the knowledge they have accumulated in their life time. To others, it may seem hypocrites to agree to eat one sort of animal product and not another. And to some some animals are just more "normal" to eat.




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