rabbit and dragon

In today's class, we discussed three zodiac animals--the rabbit, dragon, and snake. It's interesting that how ancient people created these folklores to personalize animals.  What is more interesting is that until today, these zodiac animals still representing the given characteristics and people would associate others, who were born in a particular year, with corresponding characteristics / personalities of that specific zodiac animal. For example, rabbits are associated with soft, tame, and feminine, which, unfortunately, most of them are undesirable in modern days. A month before entering the year of rabbit, many parents in rural areas of  China attempted to get a c-section just to get a "tiger baby" instead of letting their children be born in the year of the rabbit. I have heard that some superstitious businessman avoid to partner with people, especially men, who were born in the year of rabbit because they look down to tamed men. However, in some places, if parents got daughters, they might want them to be "soft". The deep-rooted gender-steotypes convinced them that girls are supposed to be "soft" and being born in the year of the dragon would bring them too much masculine charisma. I have seen parents name their dragon baby girl something like "second", "less", even "dust" to dull down the "aggressive energy" of dragon. This is extremly  weird to me and definitely carries a toxic misogynist vibe. I am glad that this phenomenon is less and less among the newer generations, 

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