4th Blog- Rooster, dog, and pig

Hello Everyone!

I found a few interesting facts about rooster, dog, and pig. We first have the rooster which is a male domestic chicken. It is very interesting to know that Benjamin Franklin is the most famous person born in the year of the rooster. Also, the rooster is the only bird in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. They are also known to perform a dance called tidbitting in which they make a repetitive high pitched cluck when they have found food that they would like to share. This is also done by mother hens calling their chicks for food. 

An interesting fact about dogs is that it was said by Paul McCasteny that The Beetles song ‘A Day in the Life’ has a frequency at the end that only dogs can hear. Also, it’s very interesting to know that some of Moscow's stray dogs have figured out how to use the city's complex subway system. They know when to get on and off at their regular stops. The human commuters that use the subway are so accustomed to them that they rarely notice them. Another interesting fact is that a dog’s nose print is unique, like human fingerprints. Oh also I forgot to mention that they are the cutest!


Here’s a video of Moscow Dog taking the subway!


Lastly, we have the pig. They do not have sweat glands and that’s why they tend to roll in the mud in nature to keep cool. Also, pigs are used medically. Porcine heart valves are commonly used in human patients who require replacement valves. One day, they could help treat or cure diabetes because of the similarities between the human and porcine pancreas. Also, pigs have been ranked third behind apes and dolphins in terms of intelligence. They are the quickest animals to learn new tricks.

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