Rabbits & Dragons

Rabbit: Rabbits, just like their real life counterparts are timid, agile, ever vigilant, attractive, and reserved people. An interesting trait that is mentioned by the hox zodiac is that rabbit is also very persistent. In our daily lives we usually forget the real nature of the "cute" and "fluffy" pet owned by many. Below that fur there is still a rodent, as persistent as the rat. It/they may not reveal their true inner nature that often, but dont be mistaken it is still there. Indeed most rabbits usually are very polite like their appearance and hardly show their true feelings or opinions. Rabbits enjoy having well decorated dishes like their ellegant outside appearance. 


1987 Chinese Zodiac

Dragon: Dragons are interesting because there is nothing relatable around me that mythical creature. Turks have never embraced dragons in their culture at any point in time or geography. In fact, the tales of dragons that I am acquainted with come from European cultures. But judging from those tales these mythical creatures are wise, immensely powerful, mostly lonely, distinct, and smart creatures. Similarly, Chinese mythology also puts the dragon on a pedestal: it is seen as a wise powerful beast, often with a sharp tongue and short temper. Dragons are born leaders, and just like any boss they usually avoid quick commitments, and if they make commitments they usually want it to be long lasting. Dragons love luxurious and extravagant foods, just llike their character suggests.


 1988 Chinese Zodiac is Dragon 



Hox Zodiac: