Cabbage x Lemons x Pumpkin Seed Magic

Since this week is all about sharing food, I thought I would share a few staples in my diet. I was looking at all of the different foods under each zodiac, trying to make connections with which ones really pertained to my lifestyle. This search led me to the rabbit and more specifically, cabbage, lemons, and pumpkin seeds. In retrospect, it just seemed like a no brainer to blog about this trio because I implement them in my diet on almost a daily basis. Cabbage for instance, I possibly eat the most of anyone in the world, whether it is roasted, raw, or fermented. And lemons and pumpkin seeds, I love incorporating into my meals whether in a yogurt bowl, salad, or simply in my water. Anyways, for fun, I thought I would make a dish using all of these foods and a picture of my results is below. It was delicious! The lemon was perfect to add a zing to the cabbage and I also loved the crunch from the pumpkin seeds. In the spirit of rabbit foods, next time I make this dish, I was thinking I should substitute the pumpkin seeds for sliced almonds and add roasted broccoli and corn. Yum. 

I thought it was interesting that after googling these three foods, the benefits of all of them tie into what rabbits are used for in scientific ways. For instance, rabbits are used for studies on cancer and cabbage, lemons, and pumpkin seeds are said to reduce one’s risk of cancer. This is due to the antioxidants in lemons and cabbage and then the lignans in pumpkin seeds. These three foods also support heart health, which relates to rabbits because they are used for studies on cardiovascular disease. I was thinking how rabbits, and therefore the foods associated with them, would of course relate to heart health because rabbits are so full of energy, which implies to me that they have excellent heart health. Tying into this, rabbits are also used to study the effects of high cholesterol and lemons, pumpkin seeds, and cabbage prevent this and promote low cholesterol. 

Overall, this exercise of digging deeper into the meaning behind my food has been a great experience and a motivator to continue making connections with other foods in my diet. I just loved considering the background behind some of my favorite foods as I ate them and it definitely made me appreciate nature considering she gives us food and food is medicine.CabbagexLemonxSeeds.JPG

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