Honey, Oat, Almond, and Milk - What a great way to start your day!

Hello Everyone!

I was looking at the new zodiac calendar that we all just received (thank you! I very much enjoyed just looking at the calendar). I noticed that the ox had very interesting ingredients listed under its page. However, the combination of milk, oat, almond, and milk (and just a little bit of cocoa powder) is what I found fascinating. It is a great breakfast. Each ingredient is very beneficial for health and also related to the ox. 

Honey is known for its antioxidant properties and it’s linked to heart health such as preventing clot formation. Honey also helps lower triglycerides. But most importantly, honey is high in calories and I relate that to the energetic characteristics of the ox. I imagine that ox needs a very large amount of energy just to participate in ox fighting. I was able to find a very interesting video of muskox fighting. This might as well give them the extraordinary strength they have. Ox can pull and carry something 1.5 times its own body weight. This relates to the popular saying “As strong as an ox”




The next ingredient is oat which is incredibly nutritious. It also has antioxidant properties and it’s very filling. It also helps relieve constipation because the outer-layer of oat is rich in fiber. This also relates to the ox as they may experience constipation and discomfort if they are dehydrated or have been given indigestible fibers. Epsom salt may be given to ox to treat constipation. 


Another ingredient is almond. This is also very nutritious and loaded with antioxidants. Nuts, specifically almonds, help reduce inflammation which is the body’s response to an injury and pathogens. This relates to ox as they are sometimes injured during fights by breaking a horn and therefore having a lot of bleeding. However, these injuries sometimes occur not by fighting, but by humans. Below is an unpleasant video of a rope cutting into a bull’s head, however it has a happy ending as the bull is rescued and his injuries were treated by some very compassionate and caring people. 


Lastly, we have the milk. While milk is believed to deplete calcium from bones, it is very nutritious. It is especially rich in protein which helps in muscle building and preventing muscle loss. This relates to ox as they are very musculature while they only consume grass and the reason for this is that they digest huge amounts of animal proteins made by protozoans that reside in the stomachs of these animals. 

Therefore, honey, oat, almond, and milk with a little bit of cocoa powder (my own little secret ingredient) is a great breakfast to have and it is also very nutritious. 









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