I just checked and I completely forgot to post my two blogs even though I had the drafts done for a while now! I will be focusing on rabbits, dragons, and snakes first and then go into rooster, dog, and pig. I apologize for any inconvenience.

The next three zodiac animals in the wheel are Rabbits, Dragons, and Snakes. The rabbit is the fourth zodiac animal. They are known to be good company and prefer to lead a calm and peaceful life. Rabbits represent the moon in Chinese culture and are the most delicate animal of the 12. They are great scholars and like to move towards their goals in life. I feel that in day-to-day life, rabbits are more common as pets however I believe I do not know anyone who is a rabbit. Rabbits tend to be most compatible with the dog, pig, and goat. The next animal is the dragon. I feel that this is personally the most exciting since they are a central animal when it comes to Chinese New Year and they just seem so fascinating. As I predicted, dragons are born monarchs and are known to be aggressive. They constantly feel the need to be in power and strong and independent figures. In the past, emperors were seen as the reincarnation of dragons. They have quick-paced thinking and are best suited for engaging careers. Last is the snake. They tend to have a deep and complex mind but when they love, they do it whole-heartedly. Snakes rely heavily on first impressions and have a tendency to exaggerate. Some desserts associated with the snake are dark chocolate, coconut, melons, and ice creams. I have seen a couple of snakes in my life. There was once a garden snake found in our front yard and our neighbors across the street came and picked it up and kept it as a pet. I have also seen a few snakes when I went to India. 


The last three zodiac animals are Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Roosters are known to be very observant and like to dream. They often need validation from others but appear to be strong on the outside. They never give up and are very straightforward and decisive. When I think of roosters, I think about them making noise in the early morning and waking up the early risers. When I went to India, they would get up around 6 am. The next animal is the Dog. Dogs are faithful, loyal, and sincere. They will never betray their family or friends. They have strong reasoning skills and are willing to always support others. Dogs are actually my favorite animals in general. I have always wanted a dog and plan to get one once I live on my own. The last animal is the pig. Pigs are very trusting and will never let you down. They are born to give but sometimes get taken advantage of. They are blessed with good fortune in life. I feel that pigs are usually associated with food and it's interesting to see how it variates in different cultures. For example. Muslims are not allowed to eat pork. 


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