Sometimes it is not about creating a new technology, but using an existing one in a disruptive way. 

Ems (electrical muscles stimulation) is a technology developed for elicitation of muscles contraction using electric impulses. It generates impulses that are delivered through electrodes placed on the skin, directly to the muscles. The impulses mimic the action potential, the rises and falls, coming originally from the central nervous system. They stimulate the muscles, causing them to contract. The EMS is mostly used as a training tool for partially or fully paralyzed people, for the purposes of rehabilitation. 

The Japanese artist Daito Manabe use EMS to hack the human face. The facial muscles are externally controlled, stripped out of willing movement and from its innate use as a tool for personal expression and communication. In the ‘Face Visualizer’ (or ‘Face Instrument’) Manabe turns the human face into a performance tool; a beat machine that visualize sound.




The choreographer Choy Ka Fai used the same technology in ‘Eternal Summer Storm, (in)voluntary re-enacting performance‘. Ka Fai explores the concept of muscles memory as a new form of passing knowledge, that potentially will replace the traditional experience of learning body movements through video documentation.