Immaculate Telegraphy


Immaculate Telegraphy was an experiment made by Jamie O’Shea in 2009. O’Shea wanted to try and build a working electronic communication from scratch, while in the wilderness, equipped with modern information only. No materials, no tools. 

In the mountains of western Montana, he started working with materials he found around him. He created his own working tools from stones and scavenged for last remains of metal ores in the area. He built a furnace from scratch, and managed to smelt copper. Around 20 kg of charcoal were used to produce only 20 g of metal. This founding additionally proved that ‘natural’, hand-made technics are not necessary sustainable. 

The experiment ended up with a working, powered telegraph key. It offers a unique perspective about the question of the origin of technologies. It proves that communication could have been constructed at any point in history, given the right information.