Extra Credit: Biotech to Biopunk- JING (Sophie) Xia

Last Thursday, Lejla Kucukalic delivered this speech to highlight the great impacts Science Fiction and literature have on science. She presented a variety of different types of science fiction literature and movies and explained how they influenced and perhaps motivated scientists of their times. Kucukalic also suggested that science fiction books and movies often are a step ahead of the science at the time and predict what is about to come in the field of science. Through the lecture, she also summarized genetic types of scientists. They include human being narratives, GMO narratives, monster narratives and biopunk. The scientists portrayed on novels tend to be either insane and out of their minds or tormented by internal struggles. In fact, scientists portrayed in novels and movies rarely seemed to have a “normal” personality, especially evident in earlier works. For instance, a science fiction that she mentioned was Frankenstein (1818) by Mary Shelley. Biopunk ultimately is a combination of science fiction, urban-industry, gothic fiction, and extreme violence. It is a movement towards public access to genetic information.

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