Extra Credit: Lejla Kucukalic: Biotech to Biopunk: Science Fiction’s Visions of Genetics

Scientists are often portrayed in a stereotypic manner in a literature and media where they are usually described us people with thick eyeglasses and bunch of tubes who basically live their whole life in the laboratory.
This portrayal creates certain stereotypes that about scientist which today it is almost impossible to break.
Science is an area that requires vast amount of research and dedication.  Being a scientist does not mean in any way that he or she lives in a social isolation.
Since research requires so much time and effort, scientist have to often  work overtime rather than going to the bar with others who works a regular weekly load at work and can come home and simply relax.
Scientist today, like never before, are able to balance their laboratory work, family obligations and social norms that comply with the etiquette. It is easy to just take a look around on our campus (when on South Campus) to become aware of all this.
People need to be more educated about what it takes to be a scientist and that the scientist are just like any of us, they are just a little more busy.

“Biopunk is a technoprogressive movement advocating open access to genetic information. Biopunk hobbyists or biohackers experiment with DNA and other aspects of genetics.”

The lecturer succeeded in explaining how science fiction, read by the majority of those not involved in science, view scientists in general, and especially how what biopunks are thought of today.