The Art of Medicine


The debate over medicine as a science and art is a conundrum on itself. The problem stems from ancient medicine where medicine is seen as a way to heal. Nowadays, medicine is seen as a science because of its connotations to study diseases. In my opinion, I think medicine is an art and science because the study of medicine is backed up by science and the practice of medicine is an art. It is obvious that advancement in medicine requires science, but, the practice of medicine as an art might not be so. Sure it requires a foundation in science to facilitate medicine, but, the art lies in the way medicine is practiced. For example, the overall goal of medicine is to sustain life and heal, so we have created eastern medicine and western medicine. Both style aim to sustain life and heal, but, the way they practice and facilitate the process is veritably different. So I believe it is an art because the doctor has the decision in how his/her practice is facilitated just as an artist has the decision in how to express himself.


An art piece from a webinar for art in medicine. This art examines the human body.


A residence plays music for her patient. Music has been shown to relax the mind and its mechanism is still being studying.

Here is a collection of art from around the wolrd relating to art.


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