LASER #2: Well-roundedness is inspiring

I attended another LASER this quarter that not only was more interesting in regards to the different art projects presented, but there were a lot more speakers as well. In addition, most, if not all of the projects, were new in the presentation. The artist who developed the “Infinity” art l sci exhibit for the week also presented his project. This was one of the projects that interested me the most because I spent about 2-4 years working with infinity in homework problems and learning it in class, but did not really imagine it as a physical entity. The artist’s concept of infinity was very interesting and stimulating. He calculated and graphically imaged a possibility of what infinity might look like, but broke it up into random pieces to go in different directions. What was interesting was that as I learned the thought process behind creating his physical interpretation, it made more sense to me and I felt that I would interpret in a very similar manner if I had to create my interpretation. 

Photo credit: Rachel Kim

One of the other artists was a video game designer and she actually was involved with the process of developing one of my favorite computer games, “Rockett’s World.” It was one of my favorite computer games that I used to play as a child and I was very excited to see that in one of her presentation slides. Other speakers had intriguing presentations as well, including neural convergent extension and other pink noise. The concept of pink noise was very interesting, though I did not quite understand it. I thought it had a very cool label because pink is my favorite color and it sounds something that is involved with fashion or music. Another speaker played a very interesting sound during his presentation. It was a bit loud and quite unsettling in my opinion, but after playing it for a bit, I think I was starting to get used to it. It reminded me of spooky film background music or something illusion, as if to trick the mind. The speaker also wore what looked like a butterfly mask in relation to his presentation.

Photo credits: Me

One of my other favorite speakers was a girl who had an exhibit at the MFA thesis in Broad center. When I learned more about what she was trying to achieve, making visual representations with dots being one of the concepts she was trying to bring to life, it made me like her artwork even more. It was also nice to put a face to the art work since I did not really get to meet the artists of many of the exhibits at the MFA presentations. This LASER was more intriguing since I was able to learn more about different artistic projects that have been recently completed and are currently worked on and these projects came from many different fields. The last and first LASER I attended was interesting as well as I was able to better able to absorb the artworks and absorb information I might have missed the first time I heard the presentations. 


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