Week 10

Spam Musubi Rolls (Final Blog)

    My family cares about a lot, but I think the things I’ve been taught to value most highly are travel and food. From a young age I was taught how to appreciate different cultures across the world. My mothers parents were both adopted, so she doesn’t have a long understanding of her lineage, and my fathers parents really just lived the American dream.

A "Balanced" Diet

I didn't really have a specific dish, snack, fruit or drink in mind that I wanted to expand on and attempt to connect to the rest of this course. Rather, I wanted to look at food as a whole in retrospect. I wanted to look at what I've been taught and what I know about food and compare and connect it to this course. Specifically the idea of a balanced diet. Full disclosure I am not a dietitian and these are of course my humble thoughts. Do with that what you may.

Week 10-Final Hox Zodiac Eat or Be Eaten Feast

For my final meal I decided to pick a few food options based off of the 2021 Hox Zodiac calendar that are believed to be good for Tigers. I only chose food options that were orange in color as to symbolize Tigers which are often seen to be orange with black stripes. 

The three food options I chose were 

  1. chicken (with turmeric-turns the chicken an orange-ish yellow)

Pig - Chileajo

For my blog for this week, I want to share a dish from my culture. The dish is called Chileajo (Chee-Lya-Ho) and originates from my parents’ birthplace of Oaxaca, Mexico. This version of the dish is from my mother’s region of Oaxaca called La Mixteca.

Cabbage x Lemons x Pumpkin Seed Magic

Since this week is all about sharing food, I thought I would share a few staples in my diet. I was looking at all of the different foods under each zodiac, trying to make connections with which ones really pertained to my lifestyle. This search led me to the rabbit and more specifically, cabbage, lemons, and pumpkin seeds. In retrospect, it just seemed like a no brainer to blog about this trio because I implement them in my diet on almost a daily basis. Cabbage for instance, I possibly eat the most of anyone in the world, whether it is roasted, raw, or fermented.

What is love?

What is love? It seems as if it’s all around us. The number one biggest selling holiday in America is a love holiday, where the sales just this past Valentine’s day reached over $19.7 billion dollars (White, 2016). The Western Society is infatuated with love from the music, movie, and entertainment content. We hear it every song we like, every radio show we listen to, and in every genre of movie, no matter if it’s James Bond or Mr. Beans.

Idiosyncratic Perceptions

Perceptions vary from person to person to person, so, I will be delving into the various aspects of sensory and psychological perception. My introduction begins with the sensory system and input through the five senses. The stimulus/input is always the same but perceptions are what give things new meaning to us. Our brain utilizes many techniques for categorizing and classifying incoming information based on previous experiences. Our brain is also able to sort out important information from all of the hodgepodge we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

The Human Experience on Mental Disorders: "Depression"


When I look back at the history of my time at UCLA, I can surely name many stimulating classes that have made me question the society we live in. One of the first classes I ever took was “Sociology of Health, Illness, and Disease.” On the first day of class our professor began asking us a range of questions.

What does it mean to be ill?

What is considered a mental illness?

If depression and anxiety are considered mental illnesses, then aren’t we all a little mentally ill?

Do you know if you are mentally ill?

Final Project Idea Rough Draft: No Face

What would it be like to interact in a world full of blank faces? What if you couldn’t recognize anyone you see or put a name to a face? Technically, you could still live a fairly normal life and no one would know that you had such a condition unless they asked. But as typical as life would appear on the outside, the life of a prospagnosic, an individual who is unable to identify and distinguish faces, is far from ordinary.

Hidden Behind Clear Plastic: Our Distancing From the Meat Industry

This weekend when I went to the grocery store I started in the fruits and vegetables area and then meandered over to the meats section. Normally I don’t pay much attention to the various assorted meats because I go straight for the packaged chicken breasts and then continue with my shopping. This time, though, I took my time examining all of the different meat selections that were offered. They were what you typically expected in terms of meat selections ranging from beef, to lamb, to poultry, to seafood.


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