Week 2

Relation to the Rabbit and the Tiger--rat, ox, tiger

Hi, my name is Naana Boateng, and my zodiac sign is the Rabbit. While I was researching, i saw the myth of how the rabbit is related to the tiger which I thought was very interesting. Apparently, those who are tigers and rabbits tend to have a power struggle against each other, especially if there are romantic relationships involved. I can see this, as a rabbit is a timid and calm animal, whereas a tiger can be aggressive and overpowering.

BioArt and its Implications on our view of Health

To me, Mick Lorusso’s most striking project was his work with the Museum of Endoluminosity. Diamonds are fascinating geologically, as the hardest substance on earth, and it was interesting to see them integrated into his BioArt work. Lorusso’s ability to find connections across life, our minds, art, health, and spirituality is incredible and his project focuses not just on the diamonds themselves, but their ability to reflect and refract light across surfaces.

Art has the answers

While Mick's whole lecture intrigued me, I feel that the idea of environmental Agitation Propaganda especially stood out to me. I feel that half the issue with dealing with environmental issues is that people keep continuing to ignore the fact that something still needs to be done about so many environmental issues caused by pollution.

The Emotion and Practicality Behind BioArt

This week we all had the pleasure of hearing Mick Lorusso speak about his own experiences within the world of biotechnology and art. Having reflected on my own experiences with BioArt last week, I entered the classroom eager to learn more about the motivation behind each piece as well as the greater purpose intended by its artist. I left the classroom with a greater understanding of the aforementioned aspects of biotechnology and art, along with the inspiration to one day create my own piece of BioArt.

Pinar Yoldas Event

I’d like to start by thanking you for recommending this event! Pinar Yoldas was an amazing speaker and her work is both ingenious and inspiring. It was remarkable to see the range and depth of her pieces. While I was captivated by all of the pieces she presented, there were two pieces in particular that especially sparked my interest.

Week 2 Blog

During week 2 of this course we enjoyably had Mick Lorusso lecture as a guest speaker. He graciously spoke about some of the work he has done as an artist and introduced the class to many more artists who have done some great work. One of his projects that really touched me was the Museum of Endoluminosity. He spoke to us about the passing of his father to leukemia. He linked this transcendence of departure to the phenomena of diamonds. “Contemporary scientific writings, including publications by Dr. Dean Ho, Dr.

Biotechnology and Art

It was a pleasure having Mick Lorusso come give a guest lecture! Much of his work overlaps with my own BioArt interests including using biotechnology in conjunction with art to 1) develop new approaches to help the environment, and 2) to develop resourceful pieces that have practical, meaningful, and relevant applications in society.  

Ignored Ideals & Ideas

In Mick Lorusso's guest lecture this week, he spoke of an inspiring character, Buster Simpson. Simpson was an artist who manifested his artistic renderings from scavenged pieces of trash, debris, or forgotten materials. His take on art was that it should always come with a message, but not just any message, an inspiring and eye-opening one. He prided himself on bringing attention to environmental and political issues with his artwork, and sending a message that social changes were in dire need.

Week 2 Diversity in BioArt

Mick’s lecture opened my eyes into how wide the actual spectrum of Biotech + Art really is. It is not defined by strict parameters, but rather it has mass opportunity to exploring a new world. We discussed acts of poetry and the examples of which we can combine items and create poetry with its resemblance to the BioTech and Art field. One example we gave was adding florescent lighting to bees and tracking their bee dance in which they all communicate together.

The Living Dialogue of BioTech Art

Classifying BioTech Art brings about questions about the performative aspects of the manipulated living systems.  At what point is BioTech Art separate from the natural processes of everyday living organisms? What is important to keep in mind is the context and intention behind each BioTech Art piece and the political ideologies they address. Artists which work in wet labs address issues of ethics in science but manipulating living organisms at the cellular level. 

Why bioart

   Before listening to the lecture video and reading the assigned readings, I was expecting Bioart to be mainly focused on an aesthetic level. For instance, producing beautiful images by using various biotechnology, just like the image of brain neuron dyed by muti-fluorescent color shown below.




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